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OUR LAST NEWS (but work in progress)

Association "Research without frontiers" had become a partner of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", an Italian state university founded in 1303, one of the oldest in Italy and world: we start organizing the stages for the students of this University!

Association Research without Frontiers launches a series of international training interships and one of them is dedicated to Reggio Emilia pedagogical approach. This is the second edition of this training and it will be held in 2019, July.

A lot of networking is planned:  the participants are from Italy, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine and US, some have already opened their educational spaces for children and have their stories to tell.

To participate in the internship

write us 


With the active participation of the Association

"Research without Frontiers" the agreement on collaboration between the North-West Open University of Technology in St. Petersburg and the roman University Guglielmo Marconi is signed.

Our best wishes to colleagues! 

Dear friends, 

we are happy to welcome you to the website of the Association "Ricerca senza frontiere - Research without borders"


Our doors in Rome, Italy were opened for the first time in 2012.

The association brings together participants from Italy, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and we hope to expand soon our geography.

The Association participates actively in projects in the field of education, finance and banking, promoting small business development.

Our vision was, first of all, to create an information and analytical space to facilitate intercultural and commercial exchanges between Italy and Russia, with a particular focus in the field of finance and economics. Over time, however, the idea has become open to other topics and other countries. 

We are convinced that an increasingly intense exchange with different countries and cultures is the key to success in achieving an economic and social life in our countries that is sustainable and harmoniously integrated into the current context of globalization.



Are you a student, a university or a school teacher, organizer of children's space for preschoolers? We are pleased to share with you the expertise gained in studying the best educational technologies of leading Italian children's centers for pre-school / school education and universities. In addition, members of our Association have at their disposal practical mechanisms and tools for networking, working with international mentors, joint presentations at trade shows and meetings, strategic marketing, building growth and sales strategies.

Our mission is to show and unleash the full potential of Italy’s educational opportunities and help the Association members to make the right choice of their project’s development strategy.

Contact us if you have a  project or idea in the field of education for children and adults, or a desire to participate in our events or you are interested in international experience: here you can learn a lot  about the most interesting solutions.



2019, JULY, 9-12

by Elena Repman

Italy is really a country with a thousand faces: a European leader in robotics, the textile sector, that is, Italian fashion, and interior design does not even need to be commented on, Italian machinery is used abroad on a global scale.

But there is also another dimension, the less professional and more human, and it is the one that after so many years spent in Italy I discovered suddenly (strangely) thanks to the international group of people, who have dedicated their lives to the things that are perhaps the most important in the world, that is to the education of our children. These beautiful people, who are all very young girls, are the directors and foundresses of the educational spaces for children located in different countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia.

The thing that unites them is that they were all inspired by Italy, and more precisely by the approach that was born in Reggio Emilia a few decades ago, its author is the educator who bears the name of one of the most famous centers of children's education: Loris Malaguzzo.

The approach I'm talking about is called this: Reggio Approach. I was lucky: in fact, for several years now I have been dealing with training as well as other professional consulting subjects, but also the training of adults, let's say, which are the students of universities or young professionals. But thanks to the unexpected invitation, and the unexpected are always the best things, I started July 2018 in the Children's Centre of Benetton in Ponzano Veneto.

The first day of training at the Centre I was really impressed even if I saw some educational spaces, believe me: I was impressed by the amount of light that enters the windows of the sections even on dark days, by the outdoor spaces that seem endless, by the green apples on the branches of the trees, cradles for children in the form of a large basket with an eyelet to enter and exit independently according to the will of the child. But above all, beautiful spaces that give rise to so many questions in children, so much desire to investigate, spaces that give so many stimuli to the child and more and more to make him know the world.

I thought that there was no more talk, that there are no places where they do something simple, that before our parents did us (if I think about it now I believe that I had my own small Reggio-space at home). In short, I thought that there are no more places where INSEGNATE TO STUDIARE!

Now you have the opportunity to see everything with your own eyes, participating in the second edition of the internship. Send us your request



We have accumulated extensive business expertise in the areas of:

  • banking technologies and finance, payment technologies, money transfers, financial planning and consulting, IT for banks and financial companies;
  • light industry and textiles;
  • machine-tool industry and mechanical engineering, etc.

Our mission is to demonstrate the full potential of Italy’s business opportunities and help members of the Association to make the right choice of their project’s development strategy.

Contact us if you are working on a project and you are interested in international experience: we are ready to share our expertise and demonstrate best practices and solutions..


Good news - the general manager of the consulting firm "Expertum Group" of Tomsk became a member of our Association.


From 14 August to 20 August the managing director of the company Svetlana Sosnovskaya was in Rome with a short training visit. Initiatives related to the promotion and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe and Russia, staff motivation systems and recruitment processes were compared. We have defined the objectives of our collaboration and very soon we will start a series of very interesting projects for all members of the Association.

In Rome you can't help but be distracted for a moment by the work to admire the masterpieces of painting and architecture. So during a break in the discussion of important issues for the company and the Association, we visited the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, whose project was created by Michelangelo! And, of course, we had a traditional coffee with croissant: just this moment was immortalized in the picture!


In recent years, BRIC countries have demonstrated high rates of economic growth, rapid increases in GDP per capita and growing capital accumulation, and have been playing an increasingly important role in the global economy. However, as middle-income countries (low-income in the case of India), BRICs still rely on development finance. Multilateral development banks (MDBs) have become an important source of external long-term capital available to BRICs. The objective of this paper is to examine the role of multilateral development banks in BRICs and to take a look at the banks’ operations as well as problems related to MDBs’ performance in BRIC countries.


Development Finance in the BRIC Countries

Anna Abalkina and Alexander Libman and Xiofan Yu










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